Supercharge performance across
your Big Data stack

Unravel is a full-stack performance intelligence platform that lets you monitor and optimize all your Big Data operations (DataOps) —application performance, resource utilization, and data management—from a single location.

More than just monitoring … performance intelligence

Graphs and logs merely alert you to problems after the fact. The Unravel platform keeps an eye on your stack’s overall performance and proactively notifies you of any errors or inefficiencies that it discovers. Then using predictive algorithms and machine learning, Unravel identifies root causes automatically—and recommends optimal solutions.

Integrates seamlessly with all your Big Data systems

Unravel supports Big Data engines including Spark, MapReduce, Tez, Hive, Pig, Cascading, HBase, and Kafka, as well as workflow managers including Oozie, CRON, BMC and your home-grown solutions —in on-premise, cloud, or hybrid Big Data environments.

Unravel for Big Data applications

Big Data application performance issues can be complex and hard to fix. Unravel gives you insight into every aspect of Big Data app performance, from configuration settings and resource issues to data layout and your code, regardless of which application and workflow engines you’re using.

  • Automatically tune applications to optimize performance and meet SLAs
  • Identify inefficiencies and errors proactively with intelligent alerts
  • Drill down to better understand application behavior and resource usage

Unravel for full-stack cluster optimization and management 

Allocating resources, detecting anomalies, and planning capacity on a multi-tenant Big Data cluster can be a real guessing game. Unravel makes it simple.

  • Optimize provisioning of containers or slots for your applications
  • Automatically kill rogue jobs or move them to lower-priority pools
  • Define automatic actions in response to anomalies and inefficiencies
  • Get accurate charge-back reports by user, group, and application

Unravel for data management and governance

Tracking data usage and access in a multi-tenant Big Data environment can be difficult. Unravel captures all activity on your data sets—giving you the information you need to better manage your data.

  • Track data usage by user and application
  • Identify hot and cold data sets to optimize storage strategy
  • Understand where data comes from and how it’s being used

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