Unravel for Amazon EMR

Optimize all your EMR apps, pipelines and clusters

Get a 360-degree view of all apps and clusters

  • Monitor all your data pipelines and applications from a single location
  • Get a granular view of performance to better understand application behavior
  • Troubleshoot performance even after clusters have been terminated

Get powerful insights into data usage and access

  • Optimize S3 and NoSQL usage
  • Eliminate unnecessary data transfers to reduce latency and cost
  • Optimize storage choices for hot, warm, and cold data

Reduce Big Data cloud expenses

  • Get a granular view of chargebacks to apps, clusters, and users
  • Understand the cost of inefficient data processing and storage
  • Optimize your use of elasticity and spot instances

Monitor any production app within minutes.

Zero configuration to monitor any app.
2 Easy steps: Signup and install to use Unravel.

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