Unravel for Hadoop

Optimize all your Hadoop apps, pipelines and clusters

Prevent missed SLAs

  • Get alerts proactively—before you miss an SLA, not after
  • Identify and eliminate rogue apps affecting cluster health and SLA compliance
  • Make your Hadoop systems as reliable as your MPP databases

Get powerful insights into data usage and access

  • Optimize HDFS and NoSQL usage
  • Move cold data to dense storage and hot data to fast storage to optimize performance
  • Lower storage costs by identifying and enforcing optimal data-retention intervals

Get more out of your Big Data resources

  • Get the cross-stack visibility you need to identify and eliminate app and human inefficiencies
  • Optimize Fair and Capacity Scheduler configurations for specific workloads
  • Optimize resource allocation for YARN and Docker containers

Monitor any production app within minutes.

Zero configuration to monitor any app.
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