Smooth your path to the cloud. Unravel provides the insights, guidance, and automation to perfectly plan and execute your move.

Unravel for Cloud Migration
You’ve run the numbers: Doing big data in the cloud makes financial sense for your business. But you can make those numbers look even better. Unravel provides the intelligence and visibility to maximize the benefits of your cloud investment, while reducing the friction of migration and minimizing resource usage costs.

Benefit 01

Plan with Predictive Analytics

Look before you leap into the cloud – make the right choices for migration with AI-driven insights.

As you’re migrating your apps to the cloud, Unravel helps ensure you won’t be flying blind. With data-driven intelligence and recommendations for optimizing compute, memory, and storage resources, Unravel makes your transition a smooth one.

  • Unravel identifies which applications are the best candidates for migration.
  • Unravel provides detailed dependency maps to help you understand resource requirements before you migrate.
  • Unravel reveals the seasonality and ideal time of day to take advantage of the best prices for cloud services, spot instances, autoscaling, and more.
  • Unravel reduces cloud costs by enabling automatic app speedup, optimized resource usage, and intelligent data tiering.
Benefit 02

Efficient, Effective Migration

Ensure the best possible transition with insights and guidance before, during, and after migration.

Unravel provides a deeper level of insight into your cloud migration – not only revealing how complete, how successful, and how costly your move has been, but also offering up actionable recommendations for improving these metrics. Unravel increases your odds for a successful migration by:

  • Validating your decision to migrate by baselining performance before and after the move.
  • Comparing how apps perform before and after the transition – and optimizing them for the new cloud runtime environment.
  • Offering guidance to improve the performance, scalability, and reliability of your apps once they’re in the cloud.
Benefit 03

Post-Migration Accounting and Optimization

Get the insight you need to demonstrate – and increase – your return on investment.

Unravel helps quantify the success of your migration – and make the benefits tangible to your business – by providing the hard facts, clear metrics, and informed forecasting you need. Unravel also continually delivers new intelligence and recommendations to keep delivering consistent, cost-effective performance for the long haul.

  • Identify which users, applications, and projects are having the biggest impact, with chargeback and showback capabilities.
  • Break down costs by CPU, memory, I/O, and storage – and get recommendations for potential savings.
  • Automatically detect and mitigate the inefficient use of resources by application –including CPU, memory, containers, caching, and nodes.

Make your migration to the cloud the best decision you ever made.