Hybrid and Multi-Cloud


As public cloud providers continue to attract a growing number of big data projects, many enterprises are finding that hybrid and multi-cloud environments are an inevitable target for their data operations. There is a growing need to have consistent IT processes and around data operations whether running in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both.

Unravel provides Unified monitoring, tuning insights and automation wherever big data lives

The evolution of Spark, Hadoop and the data ecosystem has given rise to an increased use of public clouds to run big data, AI/ML and advanced analytics use cases. Data pipelines and applications will likely live both inside corporate firewalls and inside the virtual boundaries of public clouds. 

Operational consistency via common data collection, correlation, and data model

Unravel makes sure your data teams are speaking the same language, and using the same metrics

Managing, tuning and troubleshooting data applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments is complex and prone to user error. Data Operations teams may collect inconclusive findings due to a lack of consistent operational metrics.   Unravel provides the data driven context to ensure maximum performance from your hybrid cloud infrastructure by

  • Using a lightweight, agentless design to collect operational metadata to create a dynamic data model of the customer environment.
  • Eliminating the need for manual collection, correlation, and management of configuration data, system and application logs, and other relevant metrics.
  • Delivering operational intelligence in plain language as well as ample additional technical detail needed by teams to prioritize and tune jobs and workloads.

Unified user experience and end-to-end Insights for all deployment models

Understand how your data systems and resources are being consumed and plan for the future.

With every IT Operations team constantly looking to do more with less, Unravel provides a data driven view of exact cluster resource usage including:

  • Maximize cluster throughput and resource utilization to get the greatest return on your hardware and systems  investments.
  • Plan for future needs and capacity with predictive analytics about your data infrastructure, applications, and services.
  • Predict and prevent runaway jobs and that reduce the performance of other applications.

Be prepared for when your hybrid cloud strategy becomes a cloud migration strategy

Get critical insights into your current on-premises or cloud clusters to understand migration costs and benefits beforehand

Most big data programs are in a consistent state of evolution and maturation. The compelling economic forces behind public cloud deployments of big data will inevitably lead data teams to migrate some – if not all – of their data pipelines and applications to the cloud. To help you be prepared for a cloud migration, Unravel: 

  • Identifies which applications, data, and workloads are the best candidates for migration.
  • Offers guidance to improve the performance, scalability, and reliability of your apps once they’re in the cloud.
  • Provides recommendations for cloud instance types (Vcores, memory, etc.), storage strategies, and runtime parameters.

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unravel cloud migration with prisms

Know your big data cloud migration will succeed before you begin.