Designed to support today’s top Spark and Hadoop distributions (including Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR), Unravel provides a unified view of the performance of the apps and systems in your data center, so you can ensure they perform optimally and predictably.

Making data applications work in your data center.

While the future of big data applications seem destined to run in the cloud, the vast majority of these apps and data pipelines are in private data centers today. Unravel supports the big data stack and data applications on-premises, in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments – providing the same capabilities and user experience across all of these environments.

Peak performance, maximum efficiency in your data center

Understand how your data center resources are being consumed.

Many big data teams do not get sufficient visibility and clarity about cluster resource usage to know whether they are getting optimal performance. Unravel provides the data driven context to ensure maximum performance from your data infrastructure:

  • Optimize memory, CPU, data partitioning, executors, and container sizes for Spark applications.
  • Full stack monitoring and troubleshooting of Spark, MapReduce, Impala applications and adjacent technologies like HBase, YARN, and Kafka.
  • Policy-driven automation for resolving errors, auto-tuning applications and maximizing cluster resources.

Extend the power and shelf life of your data infrastructure

Understand how your data center resources are being consumed and plan for the future.

With every IT program manager constantly looking to do more with less, Unravel provides a data driven view of exact cluster resource usage including:

  • Maximize cluster throughput and resource utilization to get the greatest return on your hardware investment.
  • Plan for future needs and capacity with predictive analytics about your data infrastructure, applications, and services.
  • Predict and prevent runaway jobs and that reduce the performance of other applications.

Bring data pipeline SLAs and costs in line with your other enterprise technology

Get insights immediately without tedious data collection and log management.

Unravel ensures that big data projects in your data center can meet stringent enterprise SLAs and that you are immediately aware of SLA violations. To help meet big data SLAs in your data center, Unravel: 

  • Provides data-driven insights into your data infrastructure and apps enabling predictable, enforceable SLAs.
  • Delivers plain language recommendations for optimizing performance with specific and automated actions to take.
  • Provides precise chargeback/showback accounting by application, queue, user, department or your own custom tags.

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unravel cloud migration with prisms

Know your big data cloud migration will succeed before you begin.