Every element of your ecosystem is critical to the whole — if even one technology isn’t optimized, your applications can underperform. Unravel cuts through the complexity, helping you understand and improve overall performance.

Unravel your data

Unravel seamlessly integrates with every major data platform, helping you simplify the monitoring, management, and optimization of your pipelines. We’re always expanding our supported technologies – and the insights and intelligence you can get from them.


Unravel for spark

Spark allows for rapid innovation and high performance in your applications; Unravel makes Spark perform more reliably. Providing deep insights and intelligence into the Spark runtime environment, Unravel helps your team keep your data pipelines production-ready – and keep your applications running at optimal levels.

  • Automatically resolve errors and increase the speed of applications.
  • Get an interactive view of app statuses, failures, and resource consumption.
  • Understand data usage and access across the Spark stack.
  • Optimize memory, CPU, data partitioning, executors, and container sizes for Spark and adjacent technologies like HDFS, YARN, and Kafka.

Monitor, manage, resource, and debug every element of your Spark stack.

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Hadoop lets you harness an unlimited volume and variety of data; Unravel provides unprecedented visibility and automation to optimize how that data is used. With Unravel, teams can understand and anticipate application behavior, resolve resource contention, and reduce performance bottlenecks — for apps that run fast and meet SLAs.

  • Integrate Unravel with every leading Hadoop distribution — Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Amazon, Microsoft, and more.
  • Monitor and automatically tune Hadoop and Hive applications – even those with complex processing pipelines.
  • Gain insight into resource, data, CPU, and memory usage across Hadoop clusters to reduce spikes.
  • Predict and prevent runaway Hadoop jobs that reduce the performance of other applications.
  • Improve planning and budgeting with comprehensive chargeback and showback views.
  • Proactively fix common issues automatically with Auto-Actions — rogue jobs, missed SLAs, misallocated resources, cold tables, and more.

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Kafka is critical to modern analytics pipelines, allowing for the lightweight transport and processing of streaming data; Unravel helps optimize your Kafka environment by providing real-time insight and operational intelligence across distributed systems and data streams, as well as automatically analyzing and resolving performance issues.

  • Monitor Kafka applications from end to end, quickly detecting failures and slowdowns.
  • Correlate metrics and logs from across Kafka, Spark Streaming, HBase, and more on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Tune and troubleshoot applications that can’t keep up with Kafka’s input data rates.

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Impala helps your team get more of big data by scaling SQL to Hadoop; Unravel provides guidance to improve the performance of these big data SQL queries. Finding the root cause of performance issues, Unravel tunes and troubleshoots queries to increase data access speed and improve overall efficiency.

  • Identify and resolve resource contention.
  • Detect and remediate memory allocation issues.
  • Uncover issues stemming from data skew, improper partitioning, and excessive data spilling.
  • Locate and optimize queries affected by suboptimal join processing, storage parameters, and data caching.
  • Avoid hotspots and failures in multi-tenant workloads.

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Many teams use HBase to create and access fast, low-latency data catalogs within Hadoop; Unravel elevates HBase performance with greater visibility and AI-powered guidance. Unravel provides a complete view of HBase runtime usage and concrete recommendations for correcting issues that can affect app service levels.

  • Identify anomalies and outlier issues like table and region hotspotting.
  • Get granular sizing metrics for HBase tables, regions, and clusters.
  • Receive data unavailability alerts at both the table and region level.
  • Receive performance degradation alerts for reads, writes, and overall load.

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To make the most of your SQL skills in today’s data pipelines, you need to ensure predictable, high-performance processing in complex Spark, Hadoop, and cloud environments. Unravel provides unprecedented clarity and intelligence into cloud-scale SQL operations, for queries that complete faster and more reliably.

  • Gain visibility into the essential SQL and NoSQL technologies in your ecosystem, including Impala, HBase, Hive, and Spark SQL.
  • Optimize SQL in the cloud with support for Amazon AWS services like Redshift and Athena.
  • Monitor, analyze, and tune multi-stage SQL applications and queries.
  • Access analytics and KPIs for completed queries at the query, segment, and step level.

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