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Big Data Applications Come with Big Expectations

Are you ready to manage business-critical applications in production?

Production applications need production-grade performance

Enterprises continue to leverage big data to create new business value. The trend is fueling an explosion of new big data applications (e.g., ETL, AI, IoT, ML, Analytics) aimed at many business drivers. And these applications need next-generation application performance management tools to meet robust production requirements as they are deployed on new big data architectures.

Chart: business drivers for big data support the need for application performance testing
Diagram: big data ETL required by Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, etc. needs advanced APM software like Unravel

Big data applications are made up of many parts

Big data applications (i.e., data consumers) don’t exist in isolation of the underlying big data stack – they are threaded together with many different systems (e.g., big data ETL, Spark, MapReduce, Hive, etc.). How the stack performs has a direct impact on downstream consumers. Managing applications is highly complex and requires an end-to-end solution, especially to meet SLA agreements.

Lack of visibility across all those parts means real headaches for both business and technical stakeholders

The complexity impacts production by causing debilitating problems to business end-users:

  • Missed SLAs (e.g., big data ETL process doesn’t complete on time and SLA agreement for business deadline is missed)
  • Failed jobs or workflows
  • Slow jobs or queries
  • Computing resources not allocated based on business need, causing delays or end-user frustration

Managing applications in production requires an end-to-end approach

Current performance or monitoring tools that only work with specific big data systems can’t provide an end-to-end solution. As a result, it creates mission-critical challenges across both Operations Teams and Business Units.

Diagram: APM software reduces missed revenue, missed SLAs, optimizes use of resources and productivity

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Unravel brings ONE full-stack tool for big data application performance monitoring

Built specifically as an end-to-end tool to manage applications for performance and utilization, Unravel not only collects performance data across the full stack, but also automatically correlates all the data together—automatically providing specific recommendations for solving performance issues, meeting software SLAs, and improving utilization of resources.

With Unravel, DevOps can optimize performance and utilization, troubleshoot issues quickly, and analyze usage to do chargeback reporting as well as plan future scaling.



Get a 360-degree View

Smart alerts

Full visibility




Proactive Operations


Root cause analysis




Full Stack Visibility

“MRI” view of the stack

Optimize resources

Forecast demand

Real business impact across your entire big data stack.

Unravel makes sure the business can achieve its goals from big data utilization, improves DevOps productivity in a multi-tenant deployment (whether on-premise, cloud, or hybrid), as well as ensure infrastructure costs are minimized and productivity optimized.

Diagram: With Unravel to manage applications, big data is more reliable and less expensive, while troubleshooting time is reduced by 98%

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