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Big Data Operational Intelligence

Unravel goes beyond mere usage monitoring, generating intelligence to help optimize application and cluster performance across your Big Data stack. Get automatic alerts, pinpoint the root cause of problems quickly, and take automatic action in response—so you can resolve problems faster and get back to business.

Fast, reliable, error-free big data applications

Unravel gives you insight into every aspect of Big Data app performance, from configuration settings and resource issues to data layout and your code. Alerts, automatic fixes, and guided remedies make it easy to ensure that your apps are running at peak performance levels.

Optimized cluster performance

Unravel gives you the full-stack performance intelligence you need to guarantee SLAs for multi-tenant workloads, find and eliminate rogue usage, and allocate cluster resources with confidence—across apps, users, and groups.

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Unravel is a result of multiple years of R&D by leading Big Data practitioners. To start, we worked with Big Data teams at Fortune 1000 companies to study their challenges. We then analyzed more than 12 million Big Data jobs to understand application and cluster problems. With the resulting knowledge, we created a platform that ensures optimal performance across your Big Data stack—so your big data projects are successful and on time.


Why didn’t the ETL pipeline meet its SLA today?

Solve Application Performance Issues


 How should I allocate resources and track usage in my organization?

Track and Manage Clusters and Data Sets


 What are the expenses and ROI of my Big Data projects ?

Optimize your Big Data Investment

“Unravel Data Raises $7.2M to Simplify Big Data Operations”

Unravel accelerates performance of applications and optimizes the use of computing resources

“First Class graduates from Data Elite Big Data Labs”

Unravel is an enterprise-grade operations and performance management platform.

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Unravel improves the reliability, performance and utilization of Hadoop applications and clusters. As data systems have become increasingly complex, the efficiency of those systems has been under siege; no one person knows the whole stack. This happened in networking and cloud computing, and now it’s happening in Big Data.

“Unravel Data Emerges From Stealth To Clean Up The Big Data Stack”

“The Big Data World Gains Enterprise-Strength Management Tools”

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September 16, 2016


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