The Big Data experts

Our academic pedigree, deep professional experience, and highly respected partners and advisors give Unravel an understanding of Big Data that few others possess.

Founded in 2013, Unravel helps companies manage and optimize their full Big Data stack. We are home to a diverse group of professionals with enterprise software, database, and distributed computing experience at companies including Cloudera, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Netflix, Oracle, and Rocket Fuel, as well as on open-source projects including BTrace and Nutch. Our investors and advisors include Menlo Ventures and Data Elite.

Kunal Agarwal
Kunal AgarwalCEO
Shivnath Babu
Shivnath BabuCTO
Paul Baclace
Paul BaclaceVP DevOps
Bala Venkatrao
Bala VenkatraoVP Products
Eric Chu
Eric ChuVP Data Insights
Cayetano Gil
Cayetano GilFront-End Lead
Ashish Singh
Ashish SinghFront End
Shiyu Luo
Shiyu LuoPlatform Engineer
Jaroslav Bachorik
Jaroslav BachorikEngineering
Abhijeet Kunwar
Abhijeet KunwarEngineering
Soumitra Kumar
Soumitra KumarEngineering Lead
Beatrice Ong
Beatrice OngDevOps Engineer
Adrian Popescu
Adrian PopescuPlatform Engineer

Experience from Across Industry & Academia


Ken Rudin

Ken is the head of Growth and Analytics for Search at Google. Previously he lead Analytics at Facebook. Before which, he was VP of Analytics and Platform Technologies at Zynga; founder and CEO of LucidEra, which pioneered the creation of the on-demand analytics market; VP & General Manager at Siebel CRM OnDemand and VP of Marketing for Siebel Analytics; Senior VP of Products at; and cofounder and CEO of Emergent Corporation, a consulting firm focused on building large-scale data warehousing solutions. He began his career in the Scalable Systems Division at Oracle and holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Harvard and a Master’s in Business from Stanford.

Daniel McCaffrey

Daniel is VP of Data and Analytics at Climate Corp, before which he lead Data and Analytics at Teespring. Previously, he was CTO at; GM of Platform and Analytics at Zynga; Cofounder and Managing Partner at Breadboard BI; Software Engineer–Bioinformatics at Genentech; and Software Engineer at Incyte Pharmaceuticals. He holds a BA in Biochemistry from Vassar College and a Master’s in Information Systems Management and Computer Science from Golden Gate University.

Jeff Magnusson

As Director of Data Platform at Stitch Fix, Jeff Magnusson leads the team responsible for building a robust and scalable algorithms platform that leverages machines and expert human resources to generate innovative recommendations and insights. Previously, Jeff managed the Data Platform Architecture group at Netflix, where he helped lead the design and implementation of the Big Data platform Netflix uses for batch computation in the AWS cloud. He holds a PhD from the University of Florida.

Bhaskar Ghosh

Bhaskar is VP of Engineering and Operations at Nerdwallet. Previously, he was Senior Director of Engineering at LinkedIn, where he oversaw the development of data infrastructure platforms, driving unprecedented growth in membership and business products. Before that, Bhaskar led the Serving and Marketplaces team of the Yahoo! Right Media Exchange, which built one of the first real-time display-ads bidding engines. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Yale University, and is passionate about open-source projects forming the core of Big Data democracy in industry and government.

Jerome Boulon

Jerome is founder and CEO of CaliStream, a fully managed service on the AWS cloud enabling easy streaming of large volumes of events from applications to Hadoop and Hive. Before founding CaliStream, he was instrumental in integrating Honu for Netflix and Riot Games, and was on the Hadoop team at Yahoo!, where he designed, built, and open-sourced Chukwa, a data collection system for monitoring large distributed systems.


Menlo invests in and partners with promising entrepreneurial ventures. The firm has been helping steer portfolio companies to successful exits for decades, with 70 IPOs and more than 100 mergers and acquisitions since 1976. Its Big Data and storage portfolio includes 3PAR, Avere Systems, BeyondCore, BitSight Technologies, Gild, Nexenta Systems, ParAccel, PernixData, Pliant Technology, Pluribus Networks, Scality, Spinnaker Networks, Takipi, Tintri, and Waterline Data Science.

Data Elite provides early-stage funding, mentorship, and office space to Big Data startups. Investors in Data Elite include Andreessen Horowitz, Formation 8, The Social+Capital Partnership, Anand Rajaraman, and Ron Conway. Data Elite is located in San Francisco.